Monday, February 28, 2011

coffeebox to savings box

Yesterday I changed an empty coffeebox to a savings box.

try to sell some things and save the money for the decoration I want to make in our new house. We are planning to build it this summer ;)
So, here it is ;)
The first 10$ are in already ;)


One Month To Win It

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

head-band with flower

On an other day I did this head-band... it's for my friends girl, I have no girls so she gets once in a while something girly I very like ;)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Sleepover- fun

Today we had the first sleepover from Lukas' friend. And they had lots of fun...
I love this pics from breakfast, when the hair looks like just out of bed :) (They were already a few hours awake)
Remember I made Superhero-capes for my boys?! Today Gabriel got a "Super-G"- Cape too. He was so excited, but I forgott to make a picture...
The boys played lots with legos and this was right before leaving ;)

fruits- funny, healthy snack

I'm trying to eat healthier and we changed our snacks, but the kids still love it when I call them for snacktime ;)

How healthy is your snack?

Repairing kneeholes, my first time

 Yes, I never did that before, but this week I decided to repair kneeholes because my oldest got holes in 3 pair of jeans in only a couple weeks... here you see my first try... I hope it will last for a bit longer ;)

I sewed it without my sewingmashine... it didn't fit unter :(
But I'm glad, my son likes it and said "this is funny" ;)

Speltflourbuns with flax and sunflowerseeds

Last week I tried something new... Speltflourbuns... after a year and 3 month in Canada I found this flour in the Old Fashion Food... I love this store!!! So much natural and healthy stuff, my favorite herbals and very good prices!!! Check it out ;)


Blackbread- the no flour bread

I love this bread!!! Its really german ;) Last summer a friend of mine gave the recipe and it really tasts like the bakery-bread in germany... so happy about it!!!
Its just with cracked rye and wheat, no flour in it. It is a bit dark, but not as much as pumpernickel. Is someone interested in the recipe??? Please commend and I'll translate it for you ;)

Pancakes- smilyfaces

My kids and their friends loved the pancakes-smilyfaces we made last saturday... its so easy, but so much fun!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my new favorite pouch

I needed something pretty for my gasmoney... thats because I hate to gas up the van... and so this is the result of my ideas ;) I love it!!!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

easy Pacifierchain makeover

I like pacifierchains, so I can hold my baby without worrying to lost his pacifier... but after a while the ribbon from it didn't look nice anymore,

so I decidet to make a new one... it's pretty easy!!!
Here all I needed... okay, not all ;)... my sewingmashine of course ;)

I just cut off the old ribbon, sew the new ribbon and the velcro fastener and ready!!!
 And, do you like it???
It was much easier than the chain I did the last time... I try to show it tommorrow...

See you,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Workerbelt / Toolbelt

I sew a worker-tool-belt for Nick for valentine's day... we plan to build a house this summer, so he could use it then ;)
At first I cut 5 pockets, the belt and a piece for hanging in the hammer out of old secondhand-pans.

Fix it with fixingpins...

sew it together and ready...

But I wasn't ready, I wanted to write a slogan on it and I choose this one
sorry, I couldn't turn the pics :(

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

my baby - more pics

here some more of my baby

Yes, he is teething...

I love this smile!!!

my Baby- photography

It isn't easy to take good pictures of my baby, because he has eyeproblems and his eyes often look in different directions. But I make pictures over pictures and than I can find some good ones too ;)

Here is my cutie

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kids painting

When I am painting, the kids want too.
That are the results.
This is daddy! (painted from my 3 years old)
 This is Lukas and daddy (painted by my 5 years old) Daddy loves his mp3-player ;)
 I painted squiggles, so my 5 years old did too ;)
Isn't that cute???

purple Scarfs

I love scarfs!!! Here I did two purple ones, one for my friend in Germany and one for me... sorry, the pics are not this good.
The first one with flowers.
 and the second one with ruffles.
 This is me with my new scarf :)
I hope you like it ;)

little eme featured

Acrylic painting

my last 2 tries...
I love squggle and need more practise with that.
 Love this sign... got the idea from Cheri's blog: I am Momma hear me roar... here is her sign
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