Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lukas's 6th Birthday

My big boy turned 6 on friday. Wow, how time flies!!! I'm a mommy for 6 years now!!!
Here Lukas in the morning opening gifts from germany!!! Thank you sooo much!!!
 We had rice-casserol with apples, raisins and cinnemon... his favorite menu :)
 I asked him which cake he would like for his birthday, and he wanted strawberrycake... here it is.

 Aren't they cute?! :D
 Noah Jamie tried sponge cake the first time and he love it :)... my boy :D
 For Saturday we planed a Lego-Birthdayparty. Lukas helped me with the preparations and did the invitations and the name tags. I'm so proud of him!

 His crown

 ... and the Lego cake :)
 At the party... all kids who were invited came and so we had 12 kids here (with ours). They had fun to play... of course Legos!!! and ate too less... we also had raspberry cupcakes and a legocake with m&m's... so the parents had to help eating :)
 the goodiebags...
And the party was over...
Lukas was very happy with his presents, he liked the Legos the most... of course ;) Thank you very much for making my boy smile!!!



DWYHomemaking said...

Very cute theme! I'm sure your little guy loved his lego party! Thanks for linking to Unwasted Homemaking Party :).

aggieam01 said...

How fun! Love the cake. WE are having a lego party for my youngest in three weeks and I have been slowly but surely making decorations for three months. Agh! I love the crown...he looks super happy!

Rebecca said...

I love your Lego cake and all of the cupcake toppers and tags. My son requested a Lego party too so I've pin'd your ideas for inspiration. :)

CodyG said...

I need to do something like this for my husband. Being a 25 year old lego lover, he would LOVE it!!

Kristen @ said...

aww how cute!! I want a lego party! Thanks so much for linking up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party! I really love the cake. I just featured your post on my blog. :)