Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sunday morning we got up early to join the sunrise service outside close to church. After it we had breakfast potluck :)
Later we went to... YELLOW GRASS!!!
We already feel home there :D

At Baumungs we had lots of food and fun.

We made a walk to our lots and made an egghunt there :)

 Melissi and JJ... they are sooooo cute!!!
 I can't wait till to have our house here on our lots!!! Hopefully soon... I'm so excited!!!

The big boys... Lukas and Gabriel

I love this weather with little clouds on the wide blue sky... awesome!!!

Then we got another cache from Geocaching :)
Albina found it :)

Love this little houses :) It's really like it is in southern Saskatchewan... lots of terminals and between them the canadien pacific train!!!

 Historical monument of the hotest day in Yellow Grass... 45,5°C!!!

We finished the day with cakes and lots of talk :)
We were all tired after that day and the short night before...


Monday, April 25, 2011


Of course I had to make some more baking for Easter :) ... not really much, because we have to eat all...

The kids loved the decorated easter-cookies!!!

 JJ asked for Smilyface cookies ;)
 Lukas helped me and sprinkled the coloured sugar on the cookies.
 Braided Milkbread, typical for Easter in Germany, so I had to make some ;) The big one we brought for the breakfast at church...
 and the small one for us.
 Bunny-cupcakes for the kids...

 ... and a bunny-cake for the parents ;) We brought it to Baumungs, we were there on Eastersunday!

Geocaching/ Good Friday

On Good Friday we enjoyed our day as family and decided to do some geocaching. We searched 3 caches and had luck with all 3. It is long time ago, since we did our first geocaching with my sister Renate in Germany. For the kids we name it treasure hunting ;)
It was a wonderful day and to warm for our jackets :D

Okay, here our start...
 ... a few minutes later... here it is :) (I found it :D)

 JJ was so excited because the golfball, so we chose it .
 The second one, was a really small one!!! (Nick found it)
 Can you see it???
 The third one... Lukas was so happy, that he found it!!! :)
 ... now he tried to get it... no way...
 JJ wanted to try too :D
Okay, finally I got it, but only with a new scratch... okay, it's a small one :D
 This time Lukas chose something and I entred in the notebook again ;)
After the caching we were hungry and at dinner we spoke with the kids about good friday, about Jesus and his death on the cross for our sins. I'm not sure if the understand it yet, but Lukas was quite interested...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Saying/ slogan on canvas

Beginning last week I painted some sayings/slogans on canvas, here they are :)

Thanks for droping in,

Tip Junkie handmade projects


Last week we had lots of floodings in our area... the river is still high, but the fields are better already. One bridge is still closed. The road to Nick's work was flooded too, they had to go with a payloader for 2 days and stayed one day home... good that the water is less already, so he could work again this week.
Here are some pics od the flooding...
... the flooded road to Nick's work...
 ... picking up the workers with the payloader...
 11 men were on this payloader :D
 the closed bridge... the river is almost over...

This was last week, this week it looks already better!!! And you almost can't find snow anymore :D