Monday, May 2, 2011

Earring holder

My earrings were normaly in a small treasure chest and I had to search for the second one all the time, so I made this earring holder. I love to have my earrings organized now and I have space for more ;) ( I already got 3 new pair :D)

I love the white fabric and the black ribbon and sewed it together. Then I took a cheap canvas (2$ at the dollar store) and fixed the fabric with staples on the back, and ready. It was very easy and it it handy not to search for the second earring all the time :)
Here you can see the white fabric more detailed... I alsolutly love it!!!

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April said...

Cute! I like to see all the different ideas bloggers come up with for jewelry holders! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Serena said...

I really loved this idea and am going to make one now:) how did you attach the lace?

Mama Buff said...

What a great ide.. it reminds me of one my friend bought at a craft fair... similar idea to link below

If I could find screen easily here, I would make a few, as I also am into jewelry making. Love expressing my creativity anyway I can. :) Hope you dont mind I added you!