Monday, May 30, 2011

Willow Tree and 10 years a couple

Last week was really busy... On Thursday it was 10 years ago since we start dating.
Wow, 10 years sounds so long and we've expirinced so much, but the time also went by fast.
I love Willow Tree sculptures, they show so much emotions... and I thought this day was a perfekt reason to get some of them... and they fit sooo good!!! Lukas loves to play with Nick and show his legos ect... JJ often comes to cuddle and Noah Jamie looks back to me exactly like this!!!

Only Nick's hairstyle is wrong :D


Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Birthday cakes

I now not very much people make their own birthdaycakes, but I do and I love it!!!
I was wondering how to celebrate my birthday this year, and Albine had a great idea: a girls-/ladiesnight cakeparty :) And it was awesome!!! We talked and laught so much and ate lots of cake of course. Here the cakes at the beginning of the party...
strawberry cupola with spongecake roll, strawberry-, vanilla-, chocoicing and shortcrust

Chococake with choco-and vanilla whipp

Brownies with sweetend condensed milk and pecan

Chococake with sweetend condensmilk, caramel and vanillawhipp

Raspberrycake with creamcheese icing
It wasn't really much cake left, after all ladies took some cake for their spouses. We have to repeat a cakrparty ladiesnight, it was sooo cool!!! After we bought our lot and Nicks parents were here on my last birthday I didn't expect anything for this year, but it turned out great!!!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visit on a farm

We had lots of fun on Schira's farm...
After Noah Jamie had his first Steak he was big and strong enough for his first ride on a pony ;)

 Noah Jamie liked to pet the baby goats. This one was only two days old.

 JJ love cats, this one was his favorite... the cat with blue eyes... He tried to cache and carry her the whole day.


 The Schira girls

 Lukas is very shy with animals...
 ... but JJ the opposite. He tried to feed the goats... he found little balls on the ground and thought is is their food :D :D :D
 He isn't afraid of the goats , he is only afraid of dogs.
 Noah Jamie was very interested in the grass.
 JJ took a ride on the pony too,...
 ... but only with his favorite cat :D :D :D
We had sooo much fun!!! Thanks to the Schira family!!!

Fun at the Gym

We've been busy the last time... My friend Bonnie's family had rent a Gym and we were invited too. We had lots of fun :)
My boys loved to play Hockey!!!

 Badminton :)
 Jumping was sooo much fun!!!

 Love this pic!!!

 Noah Jamie was sooo good, he was sleeping and just sitting in his stroller while we were playing :)
 and Volleyball :)

We had lots of fun... and my right arm hurts next days... from badminton...

Monday, May 23, 2011

baby cappy

Last week I sewed a cappy for Noah Jamie. We have often wind here, so I like to put his toque on, but then he is dazzled by the sun... so I put both together in a cappy :) I used the plastic of an older cappy, just cut it smaler.

 This pic isn't really clear, but here you can see it from one side...
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

yummy worms in dirt

I wanted to bake something for Lukas's class, but I didn't till yesterday. I also didn't have a spezial idea, so I would make just cupcakes... but a few days ago I saw these fancy cupcakes in a blog and my boys loved them, so I had to try :)
Yummy worms in dirt
 a couple more of them together looks even more real :D
 They were easy to make... I just baked some cupcakes, spread chocolate whipping cream on them, rolled in brownie crumbles and put the worms in :)
And not only my kids were thrilled of them, Lukas's class and JJ's minigo/preschool (they got some too, JJ was so consistent in asking and we had some left) liked to eat the worms in dirt too :D


my sewing desk

Till now I was sewing on the dinning table and that wasn't really practical, but last week we bought a desk at  a garagesale. No, actually we don't have room for it, but it is so full here, so we decited to squeeze it in too ;) Now I have my cute sewing corner :) It is not perfekt, but a beginning.
here the desk
 The drawers didn't look very nice...
 ... so I pimed it up a bit :)
 Drawers are filled, sewing machine in place... we already had the chair, but only the kids used it for watching cooking and baking in the kitchen. We didn't need it really, ... now we do!!! (We couldn't use it in the dinningroom, because we have a high table)
I fould this lamp yesterday at a garagesale and it fits perfectly and spend nice warm light to my cute sewingcorner!
Here is my sewingcorner and I'm very happy about it!!! :)
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday - Playground

We had a great weekend. The appointment with the bank was good, but we don't have an final answer yet. It was nice to have company over on saturday and sunday... Yesterday evening we enjoyed our favorite park and the kids had fun at the playground... Noah Jamie likes to swing :)

 Noah Jamie has a strong grip ;)
 Lukas too ;)
 ... and slide...
 Now the trees are getting green... it looks sooo good!!!

 It is so nice not to have sand on the playground... and later everywhere ;)

What a nice end of the day... :)