Sunday, July 17, 2011

I did it! My first wedding cake

I made the wedding cake I tried before (preparation weddingcake) on thursday and friday.

 This was my instruction ;)
 The blue icing covers chocolate spongecake, strawberries and choco whipp ;)
 The white decoration is on
 sprinkled with white chocolate shavings and finally stick the hearts in... ready!!!

I was so happy and relieved when I was done :) and I got such a cute compliment: "Yummiest wedding cake ever" :))) That makes me smile :)


Sahmy said...

Beautiful cake!

Aakriti said...

wow....this is so simple looking yet so lies in simplicity....i would love to learn such wonderful icing:)
congratulations Rita!!!! many more to come ur way!

Kristín Hrund said...

This is a really beautiful cake! Congratulations Rita!

Mary Jo said...

This is just beautiful! Too pretty to eat! :)
Also, danke for visiting my blog! I'm following you too now. -Mary Jo