Tuesday, March 15, 2011

eye-doctor appointments from yesterday

We had yesterday an appointment for 2 doctors in one day. At first we had to go to a lady from the Orthoptic trainingschool. She tryed to show Noah Jamie different things to motivate him to move his eyes. Than we were at the first eye-doctor (our old doctor), she examed him, gave him drops for wide pupills and after waiting again she examed again and said, he is left 0.5 to 1 and right 2 farsighted and maybe to start with glasses soon. All clinical things on the left eye were good, so it seems, that the cyst/tumor isn't growing... After a longer lunchbreak (we had french fries and german bratwurst :D) we had the appointment with the new doctor. She war very friendly and asked lots of different questions and examed Noah Jamie's eyes too. I was a bit confused, that her measuring was left 2 and right 4 farsighted... it's worse but I belive her more. She said very clear, what's the plan for the next time. At first he gets glasses (70% of his prescription), we keep patching a bit, but not to much. Because the right eye isn't closing all the time he needs some teargel for it, so it couldn't get to dry. Also he should be seen every 6 weeks, on time by the coctor and the next time the orthoptics in change. The orthoptics can be seen in Regina and we're happy about it!!! She also wanted Noah Jamie to be seen by the specialists in Vancouver, but that would takes time (3-6 month). Because he has different problems on his eyes he needs 2 different specialists, one for the movement and the other for the cyst. Hopefully they can arrange this two appointments together. And before we have to go to Vancouver they will make a new MRI and his should be able to be in Regina this time too!!! So the plan sounds good to us, we will see if it works out this time. Last time it sounds good too but nothing happend. The problem why nothing happened was a big changing of the staff, 8 people have to go (the one who didn't arrange and call me back too) and some new are coming...
The new doctor also adviced us to check the eyes of Lukas and JJ.
So today I already tryed to get glasses for Noah Jamie, but they didn't have so small ones. They are ordered some and hopefully they will we here in a few days.

(sorry for my english!!!)

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