Friday, July 1, 2011

Eyedoctor app. June 24th

Last Friday I was with all 3 kids for the eye doctor appointment in Saskatoon. The guys have been through most of the time great, am really proud of them! At least 4 hours drive one-way. First, we were at the Orthoptics. Noah Jamie was doing great and very cooperative. Last time he wasn't ... and has seen at least five striped disks with the right eye, this time he has seen 7:))) Then we went to the doctor, to the new (good) one ;). The doctor was recently at a conference in Vancouver and had personally talked with the two doctors we have to see. We should hear something soon from them, but probably it will not work out with both in one time, because one is pretty full and they are also in different hospitals. The doctor has examined Noah Jamie again and made ​​a video of him so that the doctor in Vancouver has a better idea. But she thinks that "the problem" lies in the nerve, so just something wrong "created" during pregnancy. And she is honest and I like that, she said I would like to say something good, but she doesn't want to make us any hope, because despite today's good medicine, is not all "fixable" ...

So now we're waiting on the MRI and the appointments in Vancouver.

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