Friday, May 13, 2011


Finally I write in my blog again... Last week the kids were sick, they had bronchitis and earinfektion... we only left the appartement for doctorappointments. Now they are good again, only Lukas has still not his power and hunger back. Last weekend after one week inside we decidet to go for a walk, but the kids had to wear tuques, even if it was nice outside.

This week I visited some banks, after our bank wasn't really moving with the aprovel of the mortgage and promised me to get back to me the same day or tommorrow and nothing happens... So this week I contacted 3 other banks and they are checking our file now and hopefully we hear some good news soon. That would be needed, when we want to have the house done this summer/fall. Torrow we have an appointment again :)

Also I tried to work on my organisation for example I did a menu olan for the week and Nick got the groceries for me. Lately I had lots of ideas for crafting, sewing and baking, but no ideas for cooking!!! With the menu plan it is much better and I don't have to go for some groceries, when I finally have an idea what to cook :)

My mothersday was a bit weird. Lukas wasn't feeling good this day and so we went to church seperately. It was baptism sunday, so nothing spezial because mothersday. Nicks parents were in vacation, so the only mothersdaylike was that I called my mom and got an tealight from JJ. The walk with our friens in the evening was a nice dayending, after I sat for a few hours at the notebook to make a powerpoint for my parents.

Noah Jamie is growing well, since he can sit on his own I took out the bobbycar. He liked it and tries to rock with it, so it is really moving a bit :) But the most of the time JJ and Lukas are using it ;)
Today morning Noah Jamie finally got his 3rd tooth... after 3 month break of teething I was already waiting on it!

Thank you very much to all who spoiled us with packages with candys and presents!!! We totally enjoy it!!! Lukas the most with all his new legos!!! He is always happy to have a day off and play lego for the whole day!!!

Okay, thats enough for today... I try to write more regulary again


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