Thursday, May 19, 2011

my sewing desk

Till now I was sewing on the dinning table and that wasn't really practical, but last week we bought a desk at  a garagesale. No, actually we don't have room for it, but it is so full here, so we decited to squeeze it in too ;) Now I have my cute sewing corner :) It is not perfekt, but a beginning.
here the desk
 The drawers didn't look very nice...
 ... so I pimed it up a bit :)
 Drawers are filled, sewing machine in place... we already had the chair, but only the kids used it for watching cooking and baking in the kitchen. We didn't need it really, ... now we do!!! (We couldn't use it in the dinningroom, because we have a high table)
I fould this lamp yesterday at a garagesale and it fits perfectly and spend nice warm light to my cute sewingcorner!
Here is my sewingcorner and I'm very happy about it!!! :)
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Shannon said...

Looks great, Rita! Happy sewing :)