Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visit on a farm

We had lots of fun on Schira's farm...
After Noah Jamie had his first Steak he was big and strong enough for his first ride on a pony ;)

 Noah Jamie liked to pet the baby goats. This one was only two days old.

 JJ love cats, this one was his favorite... the cat with blue eyes... He tried to cache and carry her the whole day.


 The Schira girls

 Lukas is very shy with animals...
 ... but JJ the opposite. He tried to feed the goats... he found little balls on the ground and thought is is their food :D :D :D
 He isn't afraid of the goats , he is only afraid of dogs.
 Noah Jamie was very interested in the grass.
 JJ took a ride on the pony too,...
 ... but only with his favorite cat :D :D :D
We had sooo much fun!!! Thanks to the Schira family!!!

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