Saturday, June 18, 2011

busy week, flooding again

We had a very busy week. Last saturday weddingshower for a couple from church. I made the decoration and a cake for it (too bad I forgot my camera!!!) Sunday Goodbye Celebration for Pastor Stephan, I made a cake too. He is moving to Ontario, where is is going to me an army-pastor (capitain). We will miss him very much!!!
I have more pain in my neck lately, so I went to the chiropractor and after it I was exausted and had pain. JJ had his Minigo-graduation this week, more about it later...
On wednesday first time we got to see our blueprints we gave in work. We had some more changes to do and think about it a couple nights, but now all changes are done and we should get our final plans tommorrow :) We hoped to get it earlier and wanted to make the contract with the builder today, but it didn't work out. So we try to go to our invitations for today, 2 birthday parties and a BBQ. The basement from the first birthdaykid was flooded by the crazy rain we had yesterday, so they change it to an other place, the second birthday party was in Yellow Grass, but we couldn't get there because the closed roads... but we enjoyed the BBQ very much, while all things were crazy in the city. The floodings we had last time was lots, but this time is worse. We have a State of Emergency and a boil water advisory right now. Here are some pics, it is really crazy out here...
fontanes are coming out of the manwhole


We are really happy, that we had just a leaking window and hope it would stay dry the next days, better weeks...

Have a nice sunday,


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