Saturday, June 25, 2011

JJ is already sooo big

JJ has so much grown the past time. He is getting so tall or his pants are getting short ;) He is also learning lots. Today he asked me how to write Martens and I spelled it for him and he wrote it... and not just wrote it, he wrote it upside down, because it was the way he wanted it :D With 3 years and 9 months!!!
He also endet his first year in Minigo/Preschool and he did a good job. Here two pics of the graduation celebration...
 JJ with his teacher Corinne. She is sooo nice and he loves her so much!
 Since Lukas is playing legos, JJ does too. Here he build a monster truck by himself :)
 He also wanted to help with dishes ;) He was sooo careful with the dishes... a bit to careful, like he didn't want to scratch it :D

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