Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayers for Weyburn

Please pray for Weyburn, the conditions are getting worse here. It's raining again and the water rises and rises. We still have a state of Emergency here. Many people have become not just rain water but sewage in the basements. We have a boil water advisory. Unfortunately JJ drunk the tabwater and had diarrhea, but now he is fine again. Now we use only sanizied or boiled water even for washing hands and making dishes. We don't do bathing and laundry. Otherwise we are good, but generally in the city, the mood is very depressed, many people have flooded basement, helping with sandbaging and all the farmers and oil field workers can not earn money. The expensive oil field trucks are used for pumping the water instead of oil. The Family Place has also caught worse thay have sewage in the basement and have closed now. The problem is that the Family Place runs completely on donations and have now a large hole is in the budget. I hope very much that enough donations will come in, that we will not lose the Family Place. We are very grateful that Nick can work despite the floods. Because they can no longer drive or go with the payloader to the company anymore, they go by boat now :D (pictures later)
It would be great if you could pray for our city. Many people here have lost a lot and there is currently no improvement in sight. For tonight and tomorrow is rain and thunder announced ... I am very grateful for the solidarity of people here and just know that God  is in control, even
in this situation.



Sweet Floweret said...

wow. I can't believe how bad it still is! I will most definitely be praying for your city and your family.

Ruth@GraceLaced said...

Oh Rita, thanks for sharing. I will pray.