Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sunday morning we got up early to join the sunrise service outside close to church. After it we had breakfast potluck :)
Later we went to... YELLOW GRASS!!!
We already feel home there :D

At Baumungs we had lots of food and fun.

We made a walk to our lots and made an egghunt there :)

 Melissi and JJ... they are sooooo cute!!!
 I can't wait till to have our house here on our lots!!! Hopefully soon... I'm so excited!!!

The big boys... Lukas and Gabriel

I love this weather with little clouds on the wide blue sky... awesome!!!

Then we got another cache from Geocaching :)
Albina found it :)

Love this little houses :) It's really like it is in southern Saskatchewan... lots of terminals and between them the canadien pacific train!!!

 Historical monument of the hotest day in Yellow Grass... 45,5°C!!!

We finished the day with cakes and lots of talk :)
We were all tired after that day and the short night before...


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Nadia said...

This is huge amount of work that you are doing, Rita. I am amazed by you!

Nadia Martens