Friday, April 1, 2011

a few weeks ago in Saskatoon

Every time we have to go to Saskatoon for a doctorappointment we stay at Donna and Henry's place. That is sooo nice, that we can stay there and don't need to travel back and forth in one day. Henry is Nick's father's cousin and he knows very much about the family history and has tons of pics and informations. Here he shows pics frrom his trip zu Russia, where his parents lived.

To bad we forgot to bring our familybook from Martens we got for christmas... but next time... on April 18th we have the next doctorappointment...
At Donna and Henry's we always get the best waffles ever!!! We all love them!!!

Thats Donna and me... and in the back you can see the wall with lots of differrent pics...

In Dec. 2009 we drove the first time trough Saskatoon and saw, that there is a place named "Martensville"... so we wanted to go there and this time we did. Here we are :D

Before we left for the doctorappointment in the morning Henry holds the "little" Noah Jamie... he was surprised how heavy is already is. Noah Jamie starts to make strange a few weeks ago, but after 2 days there he was totally okay ;)

Because Noah Jamie's eyes... April 18th is the next appointment and we already ordert his glasses now and hopefully at the end of next week we will get it... it's a bit to big, but so he can't grow out of it to fast... and he looks funny with it, you will see!!! ;)

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