Tuesday, April 19, 2011

homemade Springsale

On Sat. we had a springsale with homemade stuff and my fiend Albina and I had a table too. It was a busy week, at the beginning of the week I painted some signs, on wednesday I made some dry cakemixes, on thursday and friday the baking and friday all decorating and on saturday the sale. We had fun with selling our stuff, talking and laughing :D
It wasn't very busy and I didn't sell all my stuff, but I'm happy it was not to much left and I could make some money ;) Thanks for all who came and bought :)
Here is some of my baking... sorry, I was so busy and didn't make pics of all...

Strubbelpetercake (german)

Blackforest cherrycake

Saskatchewan Roughriders cupcakes (has to be in SK!!!)

Raspberrycake with creamcheese-icing


At the sale... setting up the table

 Albinas art!!! Amazing art!!!
And ready... (some cakes were still in a box)
 Bites to try and cards :)

Thats it :)
Thanks for reading!


Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

they are making my mouth water. so yummy. mmm mmm mmm

new follower,

Aakriti Malik said...

Hey Rita....wow...u are so amazing wen it comes to baking.Simply loved ur gorgeous looking treats..I wonder how they taste and really wish to have a biiiiiiiiiig BITE;) I love to bake ...and wish to learn some real good baking..I haven't tried icing though and would love to hear from u how one could do beautiful icings:)
and yes I love breads too...Sadly all I have in my kitchen is just a microwave oven..not a proper oven and my kitchen is too small to have another oven:P here's my blog: