Monday, April 25, 2011

Geocaching/ Good Friday

On Good Friday we enjoyed our day as family and decided to do some geocaching. We searched 3 caches and had luck with all 3. It is long time ago, since we did our first geocaching with my sister Renate in Germany. For the kids we name it treasure hunting ;)
It was a wonderful day and to warm for our jackets :D

Okay, here our start...
 ... a few minutes later... here it is :) (I found it :D)

 JJ was so excited because the golfball, so we chose it .
 The second one, was a really small one!!! (Nick found it)
 Can you see it???
 The third one... Lukas was so happy, that he found it!!! :)
 ... now he tried to get it... no way...
 JJ wanted to try too :D
Okay, finally I got it, but only with a new scratch... okay, it's a small one :D
 This time Lukas chose something and I entred in the notebook again ;)
After the caching we were hungry and at dinner we spoke with the kids about good friday, about Jesus and his death on the cross for our sins. I'm not sure if the understand it yet, but Lukas was quite interested...

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