Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eyedoctorappointment April 18th

Yesterday Noah Jamie had his next appointment. This time I drove with him alone and we didn't stay over night. At first we go to the orthoptics. They show him plates with black and white stripes on one side and he has to look at it. The stripes are getting smaler and smaler and are harder to see. With the right eye, his week eye, he saw 5 plates!!! Wow, I was impressed!!! By the doctor's nothing really happend, she took a short look in his eyes, show him a toy and said to come back in 3 month. She didn't like the idea from the other doctor, to see the orthoptics every 6 weeks, once a Regina and once in Saskatoon with the doctor together... The main thing I had to do, was to sign a piece of paper for the MRI... couldn't they send that per mail????
I try to get the next appointment by the other doctor... she is booked out for a few month, but in 3 month should work... I hope so!!!
We are patching his left eye for helping the right eye to use... it is hard for him, but on sunday the first time he really tryed hard to look with it. Normally he is crying most of the time and close the eye and doesn't want to look with it... We have to get more used to his glasses, we often forget to put them on after naptime, and I never thought I ever have to clean glasses so often :D

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